WordPress PDF Embed – Viewer Plugin

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WordPress PDF Embed - Viewer Plugin

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خرید محصول توسط کلیه کارت‌های شتاب امکان‌پذیر است و بلافاصله پس از خرید، لینک دانلود محصول در اختیار شما قرار خواهد گرفت.

با خرید این محصول از مزایای زیر بهره‌مند می‌شوید:
  • دسترسی به فایل محصول به‌صورت مادام‌العمر
  • تمام محصولات درج شده در سایت پی‌پی‌تی‌المنت به‌صورت اورجینال بوده و سایت هیچ‌گونه تغییر یا دخل و تصرفی در محتوای فایل‌ها اعمال نکرده است.
  • در صورت عدم رضایت سفارش برگشت و وجه به حساب شما برگشت داده خواهد شد.
  • در صورت نیاز با شماره 09353405883 در واتساپ تماس بگیرید.

WordPress PDF Embed plugin by Elfsight is the most convenient tool for you to add multiple PDF files to the pages of your site. It’s easy to upload a file, add it by URL or choose from your latest uploaded. Choose to show the files in full view or just icons. Our widget has several styles of PDF icon, an option to paint interface elements, to choose font size, and edit the widget header. Display your certificates, technical papers, guides, and more maximum quickly!

WP PDF Embed plugin is what you need

  • If you need to add PDF files to your website
  • If you want to let visitors view your files right on the page and download them
  • If you want to create a grid of file icons
  • If you don’t want to do coding or spend a lot of time

Use all the benefits of PDF Embed for WordPress

Quicker file adding Spend less time adding all necessary documents on your site. Upload your PDF without coding ni seconds.

More useful information about items Share technical documentation, specifications, guides and let customers have a better understanding of your product.

Increased user engagement Bring diversity to your website content, adding various types of documents and raise the level of user engagement.

Key features

  • Embed PDF files for viewing and downloading
  • Add unlimited files
  • Duplicate, clone, delete, and reorder your files
  • Embed by uploading, by URL, or by choosing the file from the recently uploaded
  • Edit the widget title
  • Set font size of the widget title
  • Option to enter the file name for displaying
  • Three layouts included:File Viewer, Grid, and List
  • File Viewer layout to view files on the page
  • Scroll, pagination, and zoom supported in File Viewer layout
  • Option to show or Download file label
  • Option to edit Download label
  • Grid and List layouts to show file icons and names
  • Switchable file icon
  • Option to paint file icon
  • Set the widget width in pixels or percentage
  • Six paintable elements of the interface
  • Option to select font size for widget title, file name, and Download label

Still wonder why Elfsight PDF plugin is outstanding?

  • The easiest and fastest installation without any coding
  • Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
  • The most informative and touching way to present your team

Try PDF Embed plugin now for free or see it in action in live demo!

  • فرمت فایل‌ها CSS, HTML, JS, PHP
  • Compatiblversions Tested up to version 5.1
  • توضیحات تکمیلی Responsive Retina ready
  • قیمت به دلار 10
  • حجم فایل 1.85 مگابایت

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