PageLoader: Loading Screen and Progress Bar

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PageLoader: Loading Screen and Progress Bar

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If you’re looking to add a loading element to your WordPress site, we are confident that PageLoader is the absolute best choice! Add to any theme, use on any device; PageLoader is designed to work everywhere. And thanks to its comprehensive point-and-click customization, you can blend it seamlessly with any website.

With unique features like post-load content animations, timeout safeguard, custom delay, once-per-session, and many more, PageLoader goes far beyond being a simple visual element.


  • WordPress loading bar and loading screen plugin
  • Add to any theme
  • Customize with real-time previews (Live Customizer integration)
  • Very easy to use, just install-and-go
  • Lightweight
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Incredibly customizable:
    – Display both the loading screen and progress bar or one of them only
    – Change colors, font sizes, animation types, animation speeds etc
    – Use included loading icons or upload your own custom loading image
    – Alternate ‘dots’ loading element
    – Control loading screen fade/slide animations
    – Upload background images
  • …and much, much more!

Extra options:

  • Display one-per-session
  • Set custom delay
  • Disable on specified posts and pages
  • Display on touch devices only
  • Display on homepage only
  • Apply post-load animation to your content
  • Close function safeguard
  • فرمت فایل‌ها CSS, HTML, PHP
  • Compatiblversions Tested up to version 4.8
  • توضیحات تکمیلی Responsive Retina ready
  • حجم فایل 150 کیلوبایت
  • قیمت به دلار 26

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